Infographic about online pokies and casinos in Australia

Australians love online pokies. There’s no question about it. Take myself for example: playing pokies online is my favourite pass time. What’s more, online gambling is a big part of life for many Australians. Did you know that Australia has over 20% of the world’s gaming machines? Well, I can’t blame them, because the average payout percentage of online pokies is 90.89%. That makes playing pokies more than worth your time.

Online Pokies and Gambling in Australia

Australia’s population is 20 264 082, and 600 000 Australians play pokies at least once a week. Of that, 38.6% play online pokies. As you may know, other forms of gambling such as sports betting is quite popular too. In fact, 80% of Australians engage in some kind of gambling.

Why I love online gambling and pokies

Gambling online has become extremely popular as a pass time, not only with Australians, but around the world. At home we love playing online pokies because these games are entertaining and provide many opportunities to win. In addition, the online pokies market is full of unique video pokies that add to the variety of the collection of these games, which can be found at the best online casinos in Australia.

Play the best online pokies

I have a lot of experience playing pokies because I play as many as I can, because these are my favourite casino games. New players may be a little intimidated, however, playing online pokies is a great way to learn how an online casino works. First time players should try playing easy pokie games, such as three-reel pokies, before progressing to multi-line and 243-way video pokies. It is also a good idea to play a variety of different online pokies. Furthermore, while online pokies appear easy, they do have rules so make sure you understand how the game works before you start to play. You can find the best online pokies, as well as the best online casinos at

Below is an Infographic illustration of online gambling in Australia.

Online Pokies and Casino Infographic

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