Deciding which types of casino games you should play online for real money has a lot to do with your personality. Do you see yourself as a player who prefers skill-based casino games that involve a measure of strategy? If the answer is yes, you will probably enjoy varieties of table games, video poker and blackjack more than slots and other casino games that are determined entirely by luck. On the other hand, if you are looking for casino games that offer high payouts, integrate entertaining themes and involve no real skill, slots are probably your best bet. Then again, there is no reason to limit yourself: you can indulge in both categories of casino games. Let’s consider some of the perks of table and card games vs. pokies and specialty games.

Playing Online Slots for Real Money

When I visit my online casino, I spend most of my time playing real money slots. There are lots of reasons I enjoy pokies more than other types of casino games. I like to use the autospin function and have one of my favourite slots spinning away in the background of my computer while I’m busy with other things. It adds a bit of excitement to my routine – knowing I could win a jackpot and not even be present at my computer is a huge thrill for me. Another reason I prefer playing online slots for real money is the large return you could get on a relatively small bet.

New slots are released on a regular basis and I like to take advantage of the many promotions at online casinos that encourage players to give new pokie releases a go. And, when it comes to variety, no other type of casino game can compete with the diverse assortment of pokies that are available online. Whether you are looking for something that is visually stimulating, comical, serious, action-packed or feature rich, there is a pokie out there to fill every niche.

Playing Card and Table Casino Games Online For Real Money

Don’t get me wrong, my preference for real money slots does not preclude me from enjoying other types of casino games. When I feel in the mood to be actively involved in a casino game I usually indulge in few hands of blackjack. The most significant benefit of blackjack is clearly that the player has a slight edge over the house. When you look at the payout percentages of most online casinos, you will notice that most table casino games on average have a higher payout percentage than slots. At Red Flush Casino, for example, eCOGRA currently lists the payout percentage for poker games as 100.91%, and table games as 98.95%, which is significantly higher than the 95.78% payout percentage for online slots.

I also enjoy the occasional round of poker, especially progressive jackpot online poker. I love that most online casinos offer prizes for very strong hands even if you are not the overall winner of a round. After all, there is no consolation prize if you miss out on a jackpot when you are playing online slots for real money.

When you decide which casino games to play online for real money you should consider the amount of time you have, the level of engagement you are looking for and the size of your bankroll. But ultimately you should let your preference guide you when you.