On this site you will find a range of highly regarded Microgaming online casinos that have agreed to allow players to download their casino suites and try their casino games free, without making any deposit at the casino. This fantastic opportunity gives you the chance to try out several online casinos and play their casino games in search of one that ticks all you boxes.
If you take advantage of this offer and play free pokies, you also gain the opportunity to get a sense of a slot machine’s variance and that helps you determine which pokies are the best bet for your particular gaming style.

Explore Different Online Casinos

There are a few things that each prospective online casino you visit should have: It should be licensed by the proper authorities and regulated by an internationally recognised regulatory company, such as ECOGRA. It should offer efficient customer support and widely accepted banking methods. It should possess a large collection of outstanding casino games.

After you have found casinos that tick all these boxes (and all the casinos recommended on this site do), you should look for one that appeals to your personal taste. Consider whether you find the casino’s design appealing and user-friendly. I personally like Platinum Play Casino’s lobby and Red Flush Casino’s overall layout.

Another factor that you should consider is the type of bonus you will be able to claim if you sign up with a casino. You may on the whole prefer Casino La Vida’s design to 7 Sultans’, but if you are a lover of table and card games it may make more sense to open an account at 7 Sultans.

You can cash in on a great bonus designed specifically for these casino games. In the end, it depends upon your priorities. Make good use of these free poker machine downloads and compare different online casinos to get a sense of what is available.

Free Poker Machine Casino Bonus

Use the Opportunity to Find Free Poker Machine Downloads with the Variance You Want

Have you ever noticed that some pokies seem to pay out very regularly, you might call them ‘hot’, but the amounts they pay are relatively small and often seem just big enough to keep you playing? If you have heard of slot variance you will know that some pokies are programmed to have a higher payout frequency.

A slot that pays out very regularly, but mostly small amounts, is said to have lower variance, because the discrepancy between the sizes of the wins is quite low. This does not have anything to do with the slot’s payout percentage.

A low variance and a high variance slot can have the same payout percentage: in the end, the same amount is returned to the player, but the chunks in which players receive this amount will differ.

If you are looking for a pokie where you regularly receive small amounts, you want a low variance slot. If you are in search of a pokie that pays out handsomely, but which might present long dry patches where you don’t win, you want a high variance slot.

Of course, these are not absolute distinctions and you might play a low variance slot on an unlucky day and have zero luck with the poker machine. Or some happy days high variance slots can adopt the payout frequency of low variance ones. If you play free poker machines for an extended period of time you may get a sense of some slots’ payout frequency, without losing lots of money in the process.

So there are lots of reasons to play free poker machines and download different casino suites to your computer. Ultimately, you may pick a better online casino and find the right poker machine for you.