Helpful Hints and Tips for Slots

Helpful Hints and Tips for Slots

Players that think there is a way to consistently “beat” the casino when it comes to slot games will have disappointing gambling sessions. Playing pokies is entertainment and I always approach it as such. I set a budget and goals for the session. I generally set time aside and try to stick to this allotted period. If I go over the time it means that I am winning lol. Remember slot machines are controlled by a random number generator and this makes them impossible to predict. There are however ways to make your money last longer and potentially win and at least get more enjoyment playing your favourite online pokies. I believe that nobody likes to see their money quickly disappear, so I have shared a few thoughts/hints below that may help you enjoy longer more profitable game play.

Helpful Hints and Tips for Slots to consider

Tip #1

*VERY IMPORTANT* The first thing you need to do is set your budget and only gamble what you can afford, do not go over your budget chasing losses will often result in an unhappy ending.

Tip #2

Choose your casino wisely. I cant stress this enough, always look at the overall qualities of the casino and not just the sign up offer. Some online casinos will offer the most ridiculous bonuses just to get you in, only to find out that they are not what you expected. I have non negotiable criteria when I choose:

  • They must be licensed in a reputable region – i.e Malta, UK
  • If there are complaints have they been resolved? All casino brands will have complaints if they have been around long enough
  • There must be telephone or live chat support. I don’t like to wait hours for email resolution

Tip #3

You need to choose your slot machine according to your specific budget, you are after all paying to have fun and to win. Choosing a “high variance” game when you looking to play for an extended time is counter productive.

  • Check the pay-table of the pokie, higher odds will equal a higher coin value
  • Pokies with more reels will equal more wins but could also cost more depending on your wager per line. Keep this in mind
  • Progressive jackpot slots have the potential for huge payouts, however they also have worse odds of winning

Tip #4

Once you have selected the game you want to play have a look at the rules and pay lines in order to get an understanding of how the game works. This helps you set your coin size and number of lines you bet. There is nothing worse than missing a big win due to not betting the correct amount of lines or coins for the full potential.

Tip #5

3 Reel slots offer better odds as do other simple games. Multi line video slots offer worse odds, however I prefer these, as I find them more entertaining.

Tip #5

Know when it is time to stop playing, it should not matter whether you are winning or losing. “Well maybe not on a big win steak :)” Jokes aside there is a reason why B&M casinos have no windows, to keep you playing. Stop when have had your “FUN” not to win big.

These tips may not help you win any massive jackpots but you will have longer gaming time and you won’t waste your money. If there was a way to cheat slot machines then the casinos would not be in business so until that day try these helpful hints and tips for slots.