Free Spins to keep you spinning those reels

Free spins are amazing because they are, well, free. When a free spins feature is triggered in a video slot you will receive spins without having to place a bet. In other words, you get a chance to trigger a win without paying anything. Of course, something this great comes with a few conditions. In other words, spins are triggered under special conditions. Most free bonus features are triggered by three to five scatters. Make sure you know how spins are triggered when you play a slot. In this article I will explain how to trigger spins and how important they are using Microgaming’ s Jurassic Park online slot as an example.

How are free spins triggered?

Free spins are typically set off by three, four, or five scatter symbols. While playing a free slot, you will notice that the screen will switch over to the free spins game when the scatter symbols land on the reels. Generally your bet need not change, but make sure you understand the rules of the slot you are playing. Special bonus games can also contain free spins. For instance Jurassic Park’s T-Rex Alert mode contains six paid spins. Granted, the free spins cannot be re-triggered, but the feature contains additional benefits. The bonus game in question will be triggered by a separate condition, and you will receive a certain number of spins within this game.

Free spins feature characteristics

Microgaming slots contain a single free spins feature. Some of these contain a number of sets of bonus spins. Jurassic Park is a good example of a free slot machine game with free spins. The free spins sets are named after the dinosaurs that appeared in the 1993 film. Between three and five scatters triggers 12 free spins in each bonus round. What’s more, the spins can be re-triggered. And to top that, each round has special symbols such as Split Wilds, Wild Multipliers, Stack Nudges, and Winning Wilds. Free bonus spins in slots also come with multipliers. These are included within the feature of can potentially double or triple your win, or even multiply it by four or five. The result? Big wins for free. And you don’t even have to increase your bet size, in most cases.

Payouts in free spins features

The free bonus spins feature contains its own payout rules. This means that you play not only for wins in the base game, but also in the free spins game. You can win a maximum of 8 000 coins in the Jurassic Park free spins game. Further, each spins bonus round pays a unique number as well: The Brachiosaurus free bonus spins round pays 65 000.00 credits and the Triceratops round pays 95 000.00, for example.

As you can see, a slot machine’s free spins feature is very important. Use it to your advantage and enjoy your games.