Australia Claims Victory in 2015 Cricket World Cup

Australia win the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup

I followed the World Cup very closely, and personally, I think we performed exceptionally the entire World Cup, gaining victory over seasoned teams like India. As you know, I am an avid cricket fan and always support Australia and other deserving teams, so let me assure you that the performances by every participating team were stellar, even those teams that were not victorious. While teams such as India that did not make it to the finals may have disappointed, they displayed great courage and skill, but as the saying goes, there can only be one winner.

Australia continues high performance

Our performance on Sunday proves again that our team is dedicated and well-practiced. Their performance and manner in which they took the Cup is evidence of their skill and subsequent confidence. And this is not unfounded: we have reached the final stages of many tournaments, so while we were anxious, we were no strangers to tough competition, securing our fifth World Cup win.

A tough challenge

New Zealand gave a great performance too. Spectators at the match in Melbourne cannot deny the euphoria that filled the stadium. Overall, I think we played stress free. We managed to overthrow New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum at the fifth ball of the match. You’ll remember that New Zealand was bowled out for 183. We managed to secure a seven wicket in just 33.1 overs thanks to Clark’s 74 and Smith’s 56 not out. And Clarke’s effort was certainly appreciated. He received incredible support from the spectators.

New Zealand’s Victory against South Africa


In fact, the strength of the New Zealand cricket team was displayed in their match with South Africa, whom they beat. South Africa is a respected cricket team (known locally as the Proteas), but they did not hold up well against New Zealand. It was a very emotional match for South Africans, especially for AB de Villiers, a very talented cricketer with much support by South Africans. So while us Australians are incredibly proud of our team, we must give credit where it’s due and recognise the skill of the New Zealand team.

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